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ANT Energy Solutions has designed a system that uses wind and/or solar energy to produce hydrogen.The hydrogen is stored for later use to produce electricity on demand, solving one of the critical issues associated with the reliability of energy supply from the most accessible renewable sources. Producing pure water and oxygen as the only operational waste products, and with zero toxic end of life waste, the ANT system has minimal environmental impact, making it an attractive option to meet the needs of the renewable energy market.


ANT is the sole distributor of the RidgeBlade horizontal wind turbine systems in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, offering cutting edge renewable technologies.  


The market for energy storage associated with renewable energy is growing rapidly, with a recent forecast in the Australian Financial Review of $US112 billion by 2025. Within this, the ANT target market is remote, mobile and marine applications, where power from the grid is not available or connection would be prohibitively expensive.


ANT has a range of besoke options for grid support, grid balancing and working within micro grid applications.


Currently ANT has a number of products under development ranging from 2- 5 Kw up to bespoke Multi MegaWatt systems.


ANT are the brains behind the battery alternative, renewable energy system with the potential to solve our energy crisis right now. The true off-grid 24/7 365 day a year solution, based on 100% renewable energy, is designed to be significantly more cost effective, reliable and scalable than batteries, and the energy can be stored almost indefinitely. And, it's all possible now.