Hydrogen in the Broader Community

Hydrogen safety and use in the broader community

ANT is working with both government and non-government stakeholders towards overcoming the common misconceptions about hydrogen within the community as a whole.

Contrary to popular belief, hydrogen is seven (7) times safer than propane (LPG).  This is due to hydrogen being lighter than air, as well as being the smallest gas molecule in the world. Some basic facts about hydrogen:

Fact One      If there is a hydrogen leak in a system it dissipates quickly, preventing any build-up of hydrogen occurring. At no stage is there sufficient hydrogen in the air to cause a hazardous situation.

Fact Two     An example of deliberately lighting a ruptured hydrogen fuel tank and a petrol tank in two separate cars shows the inherent safety of hydrogen as compared to traditional gasoline based fuels (refer to videos below).

Vehicle Safety

3 H's

Fact Three:    The usual example sited against hydrogen is the Hindebergincident, however the hydrogen did not catch fire in this circumstance. The source for this fire was the acetone coating on the outside of the balloon. This is evident as there was no explosion, but rather a deflation as the hydrogen escaped and the outside of the balloon burnt.