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2- 5 KW mobile unit: designed to be incorporated as part of a standard trailer capable of being towed by a standard vehicle into remote to supply SES, emergency services, road and construction companies and remote locations.



2- 5 KW portable unit: modular pallet mounted system designed for remote and regional applications that can be used to provide power after natural disasters such as fire, flood, cyclone etc., or set up as a stand alone power source.



2- 3 KW marine unit: designed for large boats, yachts and pleasure-cruisers and can be combined with a small desalination system that will supply fresh water and power to the vessels.



Bespoke 6KW - Mega Watt range system: utilise leading technologies from around the world combined with ANT design and engineering software to provide an alternate remote 24/7 energy system that can replace diesel generators, avoid expensive cabling back into grid systems, produce zero emissions and once established have minimal ongoing operating and maintenance cost. 



Grid support systems: Bespoke systems design in conjunction with suppliers and collaborators