Research and Development

ANT Energy Solutions, along with its strategic partners, has been awarded the Commonwealth Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) grant.

The consortium is comprised of ANT Energy Solutions, Monash University, ThoughtWorks, MiniFab and Hargo Engineering.

The objective of the CRC-P is to develop a next-generation electrolyser which is a device responsible for splitting water into its main constituents: hydrogen and oxygen. This device is used as part of a greater ANT system that will deliver a renewable energy solution (as illustrated) that is:

  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • 100% off-grid
  • Available 24/7 – 365 days a year.

Successful completion of this project will provide end-users with greater a greater choice of application. Benefits will include:

  • 75% reduction in the cost of hydrogen-based systems for domestic, light-industrial, warehouse and off-grid applications, making it more competitive than existing market offerings
  • Sustainability and durability.