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Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board is a team of Internationally renowned experts in fields such as Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. All of the advisrors have experience in development and commercialisation of renewable products such as high-end batteries, electrolysers and fuel cells.


This Board will advise and review ANT's technical agenda to assist ANT in meeting its goal of producing the next generation of electrolyser for small to medium applications. Their expertise and guidance of ANT's overall research strategy will enable a faster transition from fundamental research and development to applied production. 


Professor Eric D. Isaacs  


University of Chicago Executive Vice President for Research, Innovation, and National Laboratories. Eric Isaacs is the Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor in Physics, served as a director of Argonne before becoming provost in 2014. A condensed matter physicist whose work focuses on quantum materials, Isaacs joined the University and Argonne in 2003 as the founding director of the Center for Nanoscale Materials, after working for 15 years at Bell Laboratories. 




Professor Peter Littlewood


Littlewood attained a first-class degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 1976, and was then awarded a Kennedy Scholarship to work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two years. He returned to Cambridge in 1977 to complete his PhD. 


Beginning in 1980, he became a professor at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, and was head of the Theory od Condensed Matter group, and served as Matthias Scholar at Los Alamos National Laboratory, before being named in 2011 the Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences and Engineering at the Argonne National Laboratory. On March 25 2014, Littlewood was named to the director's post. In January 2017, he retires as director to resume his research at the University of Chicago. 


Littlewood holds six patents, has published more than 200 articles in scientific journals and has given more than 200 invited talks at international conferences, universities and laboratories. 


Professor Alan Bond 


Alan Bond is R.L. Martin Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Head of the Electrochemistry research group at Monash University in Victoria. His major research interest concerns the theory, instrumentation and application of modern electrochemical methods in the area of inorganic and analytical chemistry. Prior to arriving at Monash, Bond was Foundation Professor of Chemistry at Deakin University in Geelong (1978-1990) and Professor of Chemistry at La Trobe University in Bundoora (1990-1995).


He has received over twenty distinguished awards for his research, written around 600 research papers and is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has an international reputation for his pioneering contributions to the development, use and understanding of modern electrochemical techniques.


His research has provided the basis for developments in the theory, instrumentation and applications of cyclic alternating-current voltammetry; he was among the first to use digital methods and microprocessors in electrochemical instrumentation; and he has developed new concepts in the use of microelectrodes, spectroelectro­chemistry, electrochemistry at very low temperatures, electrochemistry without electrolytes, and electrochemistry in non-aqueous solvents. These techniques have been applied by Bond to a wide range of important problems in inorganic and analytical chemistry. Industrial adaptations of his concepts and instrumentation abound. His text-book on "Modern Polarographic Methods in Analytical Chemistry" is internationally regarded as a definitive work. 


Roy Rose 


Rose has over forty years’ experience in the paint, chemicals, fertiliser, medical products and alternative energy industries. He spent most of his career with Orica (formerly ICI) largely within the Dulux paints business both in Australia and the UK where his roles included R&D,business, operations and general management. He also spent several years at Orica head office as General Manager Technology in addition to simultaneously holding a number of general management roles. He retired from Orica in 2005.


He has been a non-executive director of several companies including Incitec Ltd, Qenos Pty Ltd, ITL Ltd and Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd. He is currently a non-executive director of ATTAR Pty Ltd. He is also a member of the Paintback Technical Advisory Board. Roy is graduate of Monash University with a major in chemistry.


Dr Noel Dunlop

Received his doctorate from The University of Melbourne in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Also has an MBA in international management. Director and Owner of Dunlop International. Has also 20 years experience in translation of science and engineering products and processes both nationally and internationally. He has worked for multinationals in SME in Australia and Internationally these include Orica, Rio Tinto and Kilfrost Group UK.


He has been responsible for a number of start-ups and advised numerous others. Has successfully run multi discipline research projects for businesses that have utilised research providers around the globe such as Melbourne Monash, ANU, UQ, York UK, Oxford, Imperial UK, UCL UK, Chicago, Argon National Energy Research Laboratories US, CSIRO, Durham UK, to successfully develop products and processes to drive business outcomes.