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Renewable Energy Storage Technology, Systems & Solutions

What we do

About Us:

ANT Energy Solutions is an Australian company which specialises in the design,
development and integration of renewable energy systems utilising hydrogen for storage and dispatchable on-demand power to overcome intermittency.

We deliver clean, sustainable 24-7 electricity generation systems for remote, mobile, off-grid and grid-support applications. These systems enable rapid delivery of energy when and where you need it.

Vision and Mission:

Driving a sustainable future through innovative hydrogen-based solutions. Providing reliable, safe and accessible hydrogen-based solutions, through strong partnerships, leading technologies and innovative components, systems and software. By driving the expansion of green hydrogen through the development of modular based solutions and by capturing innovation, ANT is a leader in the field of green hydrogen applications, driving the economics of making hydrogen-based solutions easily accessible to domestic and light industrial applications.

We make it work for you

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Design & Feasibility

Installation & Manufacture

Regulatory Approvals & Sign-Off

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Partners & Collaborators

We have brought together a consortium of world-leading, like-minded experts who all share a common vision for a sustainable and reliable energy future with minimal environmental impact. Working in collaboration rather than competition and in harmony with the Earth’s natural resources our consortium is able to create and deliver solutions that are second to none. Together, we can make the difference.


Horizontal Wind Turbines.