Design & Modelling

“Aurora” is ANT’s proprietary software modelling system that was developed because other mainstream or industry standard modelling software applications do not include or are otherwise unable to manage the calculation of solutions that utilise hydrogen as a long-term storage medium.

Aurora is a unique model, developed over the last 3 years which allows ANT to design and implement solutions to meet your energy needs including solutions that utilise 100% renewables and are grid independent. Our modelling system factors into account solar, wind, battery, flywheels and hydrogen technologies to design a tailored solution to meet end-user requirements such as:

  • Peak Shaving
  • Back-up
  • Off-Grid
Off-Grid Capability

These graphs depict an example of an off-grid site that demonstrates that hydrogen stored across a period of 12 months is sufficient to meet energy demands without the requirement of being connected to a grid.

Back-Up Capability

These graphs are an example where grid connection is still required and there is sufficient hydrogen production for back-up and peak-shaving.