Off-grid & Remote Applications

Our solutions can be designed to provide 100% renewable energy systems for remote and regional applications. These can be for individual properties, businesses or designed as a microgrid to help remote communities to replace noisy and polluting Diesel Gensets.

ANT’s modelling, as well as independent modelling, indicate that diesel-based off-grid systems will cost between $0.50-$1.50/kW. ANT systems currently can be designed to operate at approximately $0.65/kW and we are actively working on systems and software integration to drive down costs and have systems that will operate at less than approximately $0.50/kW. We are targeting our systems of being capable of operating at less than approximately $0.30/kW in 5 years.

Through innovation and integration combined, we are driving down the
costs associated with sustainable energy production and storage solutions to
deliver viable and cost-competitive systems.

Our bespoke demonstrator site in Yarra Valley Estate is currently under construction and awaiting various approvals. We anticipate for this project to be operational in approximately 2019.