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ANT is the exclusive distributor (in Australia and Asia Pacific) of RidgeBlade horizontal wind turbines – an innovative solution for wind-based renewable energy technology.

The unique design of the RidgeBlade system enables end-users to mount the system on the peak of a roof (as illustrated below)The gradient of the roof collects and accelerates air flow into the turbine rotor producing up to a 2KW output.

Unlike traditional wind technology, the unique design allows for it to operate at low wind speeds and continue to operate at extreme wind conditions.

Easily Integrated with solar panels

The RidgeBlade system is compatible with solar panel applications. These two kinds of renewable energy technologies are able to be integrated with one another for maximisation of power generation across the whole year (refer to graph below).

Some of the benefits of the RidgeBlade solution is that it provides power output at night and in winter months when solar panels are less active. The integrated solution of wind and solar:

  • Stabilises energy production
  • Helps avoid seasonality of solar and wind sources in individual applications.